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Station 1 Images

Sept. 2007 - Lieutenant Torres gives the new engine its first bath.

Sept. 2007 - C Shift helps with the cleaning of the new Engine 1101.

Sept. 2007 - The new Engine 1102 arrives at station 1.

Sept. 2007 - C Shift answers a medical call with Med / Rescue 30.

Sept. 2007 - Fire Fighter Derek Mikes driving the new Engine 1101.

The old engine 1101 a 1983 American LaFrance.

Station 2

Sept. 2007 - Engine 1102 racing to a motor vehicle crash on Hwy 71.

Sept. 2007 - The new Station 1102 is opened.

This is the back wall of the watch area. The lettering and logo work was done by the fire fighters.

Station 1102 crews making adjustments to their new engine.

Fire Training

EMS Training


General Photos

Fire Fighter Marcus Galvan

Crew of Engine 1101 after a room and contents fire.

Several Fire Fighters joined in to help with the Wild Fire Awareness Week in 2006

Station 1101 - B Shift Rookie trying not to burn the eggs to the pan.

During one of many trips to Collin County for training the crews stopped by Dallas station 3.

The crews from DFD were very hospitable in showing us their tiller truck Climbing the ladder is Fire Fighter Derek Mikes.

Dallas crews showing TCFR members around their apparatus.

Engine 1101 A Shift treating a patient from a vehicle rescue.