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I would like to start by saying welcome and thank you for taking the time to learn more about our Department by visiting this web site.  It’s been said that the Fire Chief is the head of the department and when drawn in an organizational chart, it is often times depicted as a pyramid with the Fire Chief sitting at the top.  I believe that this depiction is an incorrect understanding of the role of the Fire Chief or for that matter the rest of the department.

A very wise man once said to me that the entire fire department’s job is to support the firefighter.  In essence, turning the pyramid upside down and placing the firefighter at the tip.  I believe this illustration is true in that it’s the firefighters who touch the patient who calls for help, it’s the firefighters who pulls the hose and puts out the fire and it’s the firefighters who pulls the lifeless from the horrors of fire and works to revive them.

We as a department, know that we exist at the expense of the community and in return we have a duty to perform at a level that provides the greatest probability of successfully solving the problems that the people in our community might encounter.  Whether that’s a fire in your home, a heart attack at work, a rescue from a construction site or simply helping someone down on their luck.  The simple fact is, the tradition of the fire service is helping others and it’s our job to continue that long and proud tradition.

I hope I have provided you with some insight about who we are and what our goals are as a group.  I also hope that your interest in our department won’t stop here.  I truly encourage you to stop by one of the fire stations and visit with the fire fighters (chances are they will have a pot of coffee).



Ken Bailey 

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