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What is a local property tax?

A local property tax is a real estate ad-valorem tax that is calculated by a local government. The tax is based on the value of a property, including land.

Where does the money go?

Local property tax is the most significant source of funding for community services.

Once the taxpayer has paid its property tax, the tax collector distributes the funds to local government entities.

Essentially, local property taxes help to pay for services such as public schools, city streets, county roads, police departments, fire protection, and other indispensable programs.

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2019 Tax Rate for Travis County Fire Rescue ESD No. 11 and ESD No. 15

Travis County Fire Rescue Emergency Service District No. 11

Travis County Fire Rescue Emergency Service District No. 15

9019 Elroy Road 

Del Valle, TX  78617

P: (512) 243-3477

F: (512) 243-1950

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