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Travis County Fire Rescue will start enforcing the Fire Code


AUSTIN, TX. - Travis County Fire Rescue (TCFR) will begin enforcing the fire code within its unincorporated service area effective October 1, 2022.

The need for this new program is multifaceted in that Travis County Fire Rescue provides services to portions of three counties (Travis / Caldwell / Hays) and four municipalities, each with differing infrastructure and code enforcement levels. As the responding fire department and the complexity of new development within the service area, it became necessary for Travis County Fire Rescue to assume the responsibility of fire code enforcement. Some advantages to TCFR's enforcement of the fire code are existing relationships, local knowledge, and a larger workforce to be leveraged to ensure the highest public safety level for the district's residents and business owners. According to County Commissioner Margaret Gomez, who represents this area of Travis County, "ESDs have the authority to adopt and enforce a fire code under state law. This ESD has a long and trusted relationship with the community, and I fully support them."

Before developing this new program, Travis County Fire Rescue attempted to find solutions with the Travis County Fire Marshal's Office in October 2021. However, a lack of engagement on the part of the Travis County Fire Marshal's Office to address the needs of the local responding fire department required a change in direction. Travis County Fire Rescue has since created a Fire Prevention Division to provide consistency within the service and a higher level of public safety for its residents. Additionally, TCFR has hired a director for the new program who has over 19 years of experience in code enforcement, with the last seven years working at the Travis County Fire Marshal's Office. This experience and background will ensure that fire code enforcement supports local fire suppression efforts while maintaining consistency with the county fire codes. Furthermore, the new division will streamline the permitting process using online submittals and provide a cost-effective solution to our developing community.

The Travis County Fire Marshal's Office has communicated its intent to continue enforcement of the fire code within the Travis County side of the fire service area. This action will result in dual fees and fire code permitting processes, something not practiced elsewhere within Travis


Media Contact: Travis County Fire Rescue | Claudia Cruz

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